Over 100 years in business has allowed the Wedding Gown Preservation Company to fine tune the process of preserving wedding dresses. Your gown receives only the best treatment and care the moment it ships from your front door to the preservation facility. From the caring staff to the specialized technology built specifically to clean and preserve dresses, you can be assured that your memory will be perfectly preserved and suspended in time to be enjoyed by future generations.

After you place your order on our website, the preservation box will arrive at your home within 5-7 days.

1. Ordering your Preservation Kit

Ordering your preservation kit is easy. Just select from the traditional wedding gown preservation kit or the celebrity wedding gown preservation kit (suggested for gowns worth $700 and over) on our website and add to cart. Delivery is fast and free of charge.

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2. Packing & Shipping Your Gown

After you place your order on our website, your desired wedding gown preservation kit will arrive at your home within 5-7 days. This packaging contains of a hefty grade shipping box, shipping tape, stain stickers and a water proof preservation bag along with the form and prepaid shipping label that will be used for your gown's journey to the preservation area.

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3. Arrival at Our Facility

When your gown arrives at the preservation facility. Your gown will be log into our system, in order for you to track the preservation procedure as your gown begin its preservation journey. Your gown will be treated like a royalty.

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4.SYSTEMK4 Cleaning Technology

The Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation Company has invested a SYSTEMK4 cleaning apparatus intended solely to treat the delicately fabrics of wedding gowns. This phase guarantees that all forms of dirt will be eliminate from your gown. This phase, prevent yellowing along the way.

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5. 5. Stitching and Beading Repairs

The staff stitching and beading experts are highly skilled seamstress'. These seamstress' have years of experience in altering and repairing the subtlest of wedding gowns. Every seam and stitch is scrutinized to make sure that nothing happened to your gown.

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6. The Return Journey

After your gown is persevered and placed in the preservation box, the display box is positioned in a water proof bag, then placed in a crush proof shipping container to ensure the safety of your gown upon its return back to your home. You may choose to sign your gown, if you’re worried with the shipping company leaving it on your door step. Your gown is now prepared for upcoming generations to relish!

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