Christening Preservation Kit

Christening Preservation Kit Wedding: $500 insurance included. 5 Additional Items FREE. Free Shipping.
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Order your kit online – easy, fast and secure

Our website check-out procedure let you order in easy, fast and secure way. We make sure that your information is safe. We don’t store your personal and our check-out procedure is protected by the highest level of security from GlobalSign™.

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We implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) to provide a high quality service

We make sure that your gown arrives safe. The preservation kit is securely place in a waterproof garment bag and pack in our crush proof shipping container. A prepaid shipping labels along with $500 shipping insurance is included. Whenever your gowns arrive and checked into our system, an email notification will be send to you.

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SYSTEMK4, is our world class cleaning technology that protects and restores your gown.

Your gown will be given a meticulous museum quality cleaning, making use of our high-class SYSTEMK4 subtle fabric cleaning technology. The last procedure defends your fabric from future yellowing. Your gown and up to 5 additional items are then prudently positioned on a preservation bust and packed into your preservation chest.

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Your gorgeous gown will be send back to you. Looking perfectly, just as it did when you wore it on the most special day of your life.

Your gown is securely shipped back to your home with certificate of 100-years Lifetime guarantee against future yellowing. You get a valuable peace-of-mind in knowing your gown has become a precious family inheritance to be adored by future generations.

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What You'll Get

Includes Everything for a Perfect Preservation

Do You Have Questions?

From Our FAQ

Will my child's christening gown, safe during shipping process?

Yes. We know how precious your child's christening gown to you, that’s why we do everything we can to ensure your gown arrives safely. The preservation kit comes with shipping insurance to give you a peace of mind that if something happens to your child's christening gown- you are covered. The Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation is still #1 online retailer and we never encounter lost or damage gown while in transit. More than 3 million brides trusted our service.

What Does your 100 Year Warranty Cover?

The 100-year warranty protects your child's christening gown from future yellowing. Any signs of yellowing, you may contact us and The Wedding Gown Preservation Company will re-clean and preserve your gown for FREE.

Can I return my Kit if I decide not to use it?

Absolutely Yes, we will give you a 100% refund and we make it easier for you! You don’t need to return the kit and its content, however the order number will be de-activated from our system and it will be unavailable in the future use.

Can I add additional insurance to secure my child's christening gown?

Yes!A paperwork will be sent together with your kit. You can check off the box for extra shipping insurance and include a check for the additional cost. Complete instructions on how to compute extra shipping insurance value is included in your paperwork. Although the traditional wedding gown cleaning and preservation includes $500 of declared value insurance. The Celebrity wedding gown cleaning and preservation includes $2,000 of declared value insurance. Extra insurance is $3 for every $100.

When will be the perfect time to order my child's preservation kit?

The perfect time to order your child's christening preservation kit is, as soon as you purchase your child's christening gown. Ordering your kit early is the best way to ensure that this item is checked off on your christening checklist. Always remember that your preservation kit will never expire so it’s okay if you order your preservation kit in advance.

What if there is a stain you can't get out?

If your christening or baptism gown has a difficult, set-in stain, the Trusted wedding gown provides a 3 powerful deep cleaning process that will be used to treat and remove the stain. In a rare event that the stain can’t be remove and it is determined that further treatment could damage the delicate fibers of your gown, a stain letter will be sent with your preserved gown explaining why the stain wasn't further processed.