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The only museum quality wedding gown preservation kit.

We set the industry standard when it comes to wedding gown preservation. Our SystemK4 is know is the industry leading preservation method.

Wedding Gown Clean Dry Cleaners or Wedding Gown Preservation Kit?


The traditional process of wedding gown preservation and wedding gown cleaning has been by going to your local dry clears. Dry cleaners do not have the equipment or knowledge to handle all types of wedding gown preservation.

Dry cleaners use a chemical called perchloroethylene “Perc”. This chemical has worked well for many years but has many issues. The main reason being the chemical leaves a distinctive odor smell. Additionally, some research suggests that Perc is a carcinogen which can lead to cancer. In fact the United States government, taxes dry clears in a effort to fund potential spill that could occur at dry cleaners.

Why do dry clearers still use Perc when is dangerous to the environment, leaves a odor on the gown, and is heavily taxed?

Perc is effective on cleaning the gown but comes at a cost of leaving a strong odor. Perc is low cost for dry cleaners. They want to maximize the profit on your gown and want to get it preserved the cheapest way possible.


SystemK4 was developed in Germany as a effective system to clean and preserve wedding gowns. This multistep cleaning process was developed to solve all the problems that dry cleaners have and a better option for the environment. Time has proven that the SYSTEMK4 is better than any other option available on the market.

SolvonK4 is a patented solvent that comprises multiple components of the system. ClipK4 and PrenettyK4 are all derived from the SolvonK4 product.

ClipK3 is a concentrated detergent which is used to eliminate the toughest stains.

PernettK4 is a brushing agent that eliminates soil stains such as dirty from your hem line.

When all of the steps are combined. The SYSTEMK4 is the best cleaning and preservation for your wedding gown.

Benefits of SYSTEMK4:

  • No Color Loss
  • Dermatology test - non-toxic
  • Safe on fabrics, sequins, beading, and other gown embellishments
  • Extends the life of your gown
  • Retains the gown color and keeps it vibrant
  • Protects gowns from stains and yellowing
  • Leaves the dress with a fresh smelling scent
  • Leaves your dress with a fresh smelling scent, removes all odors and even smoke

If you want the best wedding gown preservation, this is the kit for you. We invest time in each and every gown to ensure your gown lasts another 100 years. In fact, we offer a 100 year guarantee against future yellowing.

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